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A Leading Local Architecture Firm in Polokwane

KMS Architects (PTY) Ltd is a firm in Polokwane, dedicated to providing personalized architectural and interior design services for wide range of building projects.

Our goal is to achieve the client’s goals through collaboration, efficiency and thoughtful problem solving.
Through the principal Polokwane architects, the firm has experience in program planning and organization, building evaluation, analysis of program and schematic design, design development, specification and drawing production, and contract documents development.
With combination directors’ experience of over 24 years in the architectural field, KMS Architects brings a unique and valuable blend of expertise for its’ valued customers. KMS architects takes responsibility of all projects phases from client relations to conceptual design, construction documents through construction administration.
It’s team of professionals have a substantial amount of experience in all phases of project management and design.


We respond to the specific program of needs and uses with an open minded approach that helps to define first 'what' to do, then decide 'how' to do it. We also present 'simple' plans respecting human needs, senses and comforts and particularity respecting old/new combinations. Our approach makes it possible to for us to appreciate tradition, historical models, popular culture, climate, daylight and environmental issues.

Urban Planning

Aim to consolidated urban fabric and form to better utilize the land and municipal service, effective public transportation networks and mixed land-use policies and successes. Aim to develop site-specific 'simple' design that maximizes the potential of site and that respects its context, existing rights, urban fabric, and existing structure. Aim to develop the site so that it promotes a healthier and better environment for the public than the one one previous.

Green Building

KMS Architects (PTY) Ltd implements sustainable design strategies to reduce client's operating costs and as a part of its commitment to the environment and social responsibility. The process of identifying Green strategies early in the design process and working in tandem with owners and contractors helps deliver a successful product.

architecture firm in Polokwane
architecture firm in Polokwane
architecture firm in Polokwane


We intend to carry out above by pursuing excellence from the inception to implementation stage through our professional interaction with different players in the project team as follows:

1. The Client

Our design will create architecture that is suited to clients’ specific needs, functionality and aesthetics, economic viability and taking cognizance of social, historical and geographical set up of the project location

2. Other Consultants

By bring together a team of qualified diligent and honest professionals, we will achieve an excellent holistic service for our clients, buildings that are structurally sound, environmentally sensitive, sustainable and compliant with required standards.

3. The Contractor

Tasked to assist the client contractor procurement and project supervision, we will endeavour to recommend contractors who are technically capable of carrying out the works, our team will supervise contractors closely to ensure that the finished buildings meets highest standards.

Years of
& Experience
architecture firm in Polokwane
Patric Kagori
Co-founder B.Arch (National College of Arts) PR.Arch (SA) Project Management (PM) Damelin
architecture firm in Polokwane
Rendani Masia
Co-founder N Dep. (TUT) B.Tech. (TUT) PR. Senior Tech(SA)
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